Management Consulting

-   for furniture manufacturers / producer
-   for furniture shops / stores

We are looking back on 25 years of experience for interior decoration, furniture branch and international range management

Experience with furniture production in Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, Great Britain, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Slovenia, China
We will make an offer and develop very personally and especially for you, for your size, for your product.

furniture manufacturers / producer:

-  adjustment and new adaption for your product development
-  new cooperation and back up for your production
-  we can check and install/build up:  quality management, work for necessary new standards
-  Entry into the market of Germany, Austria, Switzerland :  distribution, catalog, price, quality,
   products, logistic/transport

furniture shops / stores:

-  view to your products, presentation, showroom, luxury products
-  purchase:  optimization and orientation, customers view
-  internal process to get new customer  and to keep customer
-  coaching and training sales, product training
-  delivery - important !

Please, contact us for a personally appointment, we want to see your situation and will make a special offer for you.